Our Youth initiatives

The Napier Wine & Patatfees always falls over the long weekend in June which includes Youth Day. Inspiring the next generation and lending a helping hand when we can, has always been top of our committees agenda.

Last year the Napier Patatfees Organising Committee and The Agulhas School of Skills launched a bursary to support learners who attend the school.


Any organisation has a responsibility to the community in which it operates,” says Dirk Uys, chairman of the present organising committee. “Helping a learner or learners financially to acquire the skills that will lead to employment and even job creation is, arguably, the best investment the festival can undertake.

The Agulhas School of Skills

How we help

Mr R Johannes, principal of The Agulhas School of Skills, says that “this type of selfless support from the Patatfees promises to open many doors”.

The bursary enabled two learners to attend an 11-week course in Hermanus under the auspices of Learn to Earn.  Our wish is that this experience helps them on their way to become independent adults and make a positive contribution to the economies of their community.

This was achieved with support from our sponsors, donors, advertisers, visitors and local residents. A huge thank you to all who contributed to the success of last year’s Patatfees.


This year we hope to add more bursaries and youth initiatives

If you would like to help us reach our goals and help a young person to reach theirs we would be delighted to hear from you!




If you would like to help us as a volunteer at the Napier Wine & Patatfees, please get in touch with us on


Photographers credits

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to a number of photographers who have covered the Napier Patatfees over previous years and have given their permission for us to use their striking images throughout our new website and PR campaign. 

– Steve Corner
– Patrick Seaton
– Brenda Shelley
– Herman Van Bon
– Megan Grace Wright

Stock images via: Pexels