Our Scarecrows

Scarecrows have long been the farmer’s friend, scaring birds and other hungry mouths away from devouring their precious crop. Today you rarely see them standing in the vast fields, yet the scarecrow is still entrenched in rural life and local lore. So it should be no surprise that our village decided that part of the Patat festival should be devoted to resurrecting this by-gone tradition.

The Napier Wine & Patatfees Scarecrows are really something to behold, and are, always a colourful addition to this event. It is well worth taking a slow walk around our village on the scarecrow meander to see the variety and ingenuity of some of our residents.

Get Creative

Crafters, gardeners and budding engineers tinker for weeks.

With bits and pieces of old junk, worn out clothing, battered pots and pans, recycled plastic containers and tins. Some even create the most amazing characters completely out of our flora and fauna along with the more traditional sacking, straw and broom handles. You will be amazed at how creative our village folk can be!

If you would like to get involved this year then simply fill in your details below.

What you need to do to enter

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Theme: Celebrating our Heritage



The scarecrows of the Napier Wine & Patatfees are now a creative project being led by our local scarecrow experts!

Send in an online Entry Form to get involved, or stop by the Habby Shack and speak to Dee.

Any queries, call Dee at 072 799 2380.


How to build a scarecrow-step-by-step guide

We hope you will enjoy looking at the array of mannequins adorning our village gardens and streets.

If you have been inspired and what to try and build your own at home, or for a school project, then here’s some inspiration.

Share it with us. Please post your finished scarecrows photos to our social media platforms.